Rudi’s Ancient Grain Spelt Bread-My Favorite Bread!

Rudi’s Ancient Grain Spelt Bread-My Favorite Bread!

Rudi’s Ancient Grain Spelt Bread-My Favorite Bread!

Looking for a healthier bread to try, and don’t think dry, brown whole-wheat sounds very tasty?

I am not that much of a bread eater, but my husband LOVES bread. I mostly keep it out of the house for both of those reasons. We have been together over a quarter of a century and I can count on one hand the number of times I have brought “white/light” bread into our house. The man would eat a loaf a day if I did!

We do, however, love the occasional grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, or a BLT(with Rabbit’s Ranch bacon) and a nice piece of buttered (or ghee’d) toast with breakfast sometimes really hits the spot. (Ask about the best grilled cheese ever-had it on an Amtrak train-with smoked gruyere, grilled onions and apple butter-Oh Em Geee!)

I do not have Celiac or a wheat allergy, but eating wheat makes my stomach hurt. Bloat and hurt. I blame that on GMO’s, but that is another long rant that I will skip here. I ate many a fried bologna sandwich as a child, without the first bellyache….anyway….Rudi’s Ancient Grain Spelt bread is the bomb.

I toast this bread, and it is more than delicious, it has to be the best tasting bread that I have ever had. Spread a little ghee on it, and I have a hard time not wanting a 3rd toasted triangle with my Sunday breakfast!

I make crouton “fingers” out of it with garlic and butter when we have Italian dishes, square croutons for salads…same thing, a little garlic, butter, maybe a tad of basil and parmesan, throw it in the oven at 450 on a cookie sheet, and I guarantee your family will RAVE on your good cooking! It is even fancy enough for company, and the whole thing takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

It is this bread, I’m telling you, it is good!

Spelt is an ancient form of wheat, but it doesn’t have that “off” bitter flavor. Many people who are otherwise unable to eat wheat products, have no problem with spelt and other ancient grains. (ancient meaning heirloom, saved seeds, not genetically modified).

There are a few sesame seeds on top, and I swear I think there is the occasional seed of sort in this bread.

It does not have preservatives, and comes in frozen, if you want to check it out. It is in the freezer section. I keep it in the refrigerator at home for a couple of weeks at a time and it is still good.

Rudi’s Ancient Grain Spelt bread is a wonderful bread, and whole grain, so a safer alternative for diabetics and those trying to watch their carb intake. Oh, and it’s organic, too!

Rudi’s also makes a popular gluten free bread, and a honey wheat, plus many more varieties that are popular, but I have not personally tried them. -Terri