Profiles of Women in Business Q & A

Profiles of Women in Business Q & A

Profiles of Women in Business Q & A


I am so excited to announce that I have invited over 15 local business women to participate in our Profiles of Women in Business!

I came up with a series of questions to ask each of the women that will let them share both their best and worst issues of being business women.

If you know of a female entrepreneur who may wish to be profiled on our page, please have her send me an e-mail at mailto:terri@gethealthylouisiana.orgwith Women in Business in the Subject, and I will get the questions to her. The more the merrier! I just LOVE the way that women strive to boost and help other women.

I have the following affiliate links that I would like to share with you, as well.  I am a member of Jennifer Allwood’s Inner Circle Mastermind Group, and have participated in several of her training groups. The information that she has shared with us has helped my business grow much faster than I could have done without her knowledge! Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do to help support and teach other women how to be successful in business!

If the links don’t work properly, please copy and paste them into your browser.

Jennifer Allwood’s Creative Entrepreneur Inner Circle Group-Jennifer gives us monthly training videos, resources, and brings in guest speakers on topics as how to best place Facebook ads, working with Pinterest, and gives us tons of resources for how to grow your business using social media.

I learned about creating opt-in’s to increase my mailing list, and where to find VA’s (virtual assistants) online to delegate a few of my responsibilities to so that I could keep doing what I am good at. It has been a fantastic investment for my business.

Right now, it is under $50 a month.


Jennifer’s Facebook Live training has first, given me the confidence and knowledge to do a Facebook Live video, and also how to cross promote it, and to keep it real, not try to be stiff and professional.

During the first 5 minutes of my first Facebook Live video, I had 143 people watching. I promoted it for $8 and had over 1,700 people watch it. Those aren’t giant numbers for the big guys, but for me…Facebook was sometimes showing my post to less than 10 people, even when I have close to 2,000 people liking my page.

With my 2nd Facebook Live video, which was discussing an upcoming Reiki class we are offering, I had a phone call with someone interested in the class less than 5 minutes after we finished the video.

We have to be able to compete in today’s marketplace to succeed. I am looking forward to retiring in 6 years, and I will need a residual income to continue to live comfortably. I 100% believe that I am heading in the right direction, both in growing my businesses, and in growing them in a manner that will continue to support my family after I am no longer an active day-to-day participant at my stores.

I learned enough of these tidbits to get me off to a jumpstart, and Jennifer’s Facebook Live training is what got me there. My affiliate link for that training is here:


Jennifer offers multiple training videos, whether it is paint finishes, creative business tips, or what’s been most helpful to me, the Pinterest Training, and she also offers a ton of knowledge for free. She taught me that the old saying that you have to give a little to get a lot is so very true, even in business. Her advice is why I wrote the piece on “6 Essential Oils that should be in every first-aid kit”, that I give for free to new subscribers to my e-mail list.

That also became my first Pinterest Pin that links back to my website. Jennifer’s Pinterest training changed the way I look at Pinterest, changed the way I pin.

Prior to watching Jennifer’s Pinterest Training, Pinterest was something that I just did for fun, or when I was bored. I looked for creative ideas there, and had even tried to create separate pages for Get Healthy, Java Joe’s and The Wellness Center & Spa, trying to treat each of my businesses as a separate entity. It was maddening, disorganized, and there were not enough hours in the day to keep up with it all. (Each business has unused Twitter and Instagram accounts, too…I’m working on it!)

Through Jennifer’s experiences that she shared, I learned that it might be smarter to be branding myself. All of my businesses essentially fall under one umbrella, and honestly, I am the glue that holds them all together. A natural grocery store, a coffee shop and a spa aren’t what you would typically think of as one business, but under the Get Healthy umbrella, it makes sense. How to help others see it as cohesive comes back to me. I am the influence that is at the center of each of these, and the constant that customers of each can expect to see, and to talk to.

So, following Jennifer’s example, I started signing my posts with my name in order to keep myself identified with the businesses. This alone increased my comments and likes to my Facebook pages in a growth spurt that I have never experienced before, no matter how many times I sponsored my posts.

I started personalizing my blog posts, too. Sharing from my heart, talking about products and services that I really believe in. Sharing a little more of this Naturopathic education than I was by just sitting in my office doing consultations one-on-one.

What I did then, immediately after watching Jennifer’s Pinterest training, was get rid of my extra business accounts on Pinterest. I renamed my business account to include my name, but still my business name, too. So it is now, Get Healthy-Terri Stovall, ND.

I made a Board for each of my businesses, rather than an account. I still want to be able to promote all 3 businesses there, plus my husband’s construction business. The business-minded person in me wanted to go in and delete all of my “personal” pins (like funky hair colors and cute tattoos- neither of which I have, by the way, but I do think it is cool!, lol). What I learned from listening and watching Jennifer, though, was that people are interested in us as people, too.

Seems kinda crazy to me that anyone else would care which birthday cakes that I think would be fun for my grandkids, or take any interest in my obsession with brightly painted furniture and doors, but apparently those quirks are what create a “me, too” between me and my followers.

Yep, I have Pinterest followers now. Once my business page was validated and I rearranged my Boards to be the most “reachable and repinnable” and started following Jennifer’s suggestions for when, how often, and how much to pin, my account has skyrocketed.

I have over 6,000 people a day looking at my pins right now. I had to create a new position at work for someone to take a day each week to create pins out of my blog posts, just to keep up. These pins drive people back to my website.

My goal is, within the year, to be able to have a considerable income from my website, through items I will be selling on my page to affiliate commissions. This is all coming into play right now because of of the training and resources I received from Jennifer Allwood.

The link below goes to the business training section of Jennifer’s site, and is my affiliate link. If you follow the link and decide to take any of the classes, I will get credit toward more classes, too. Ain’t life grand! I can share with you what helped me, it will help you, which will help Jennifer, and in turn helps me. Life is good!

I wish you the best with growing your business, too, and if I can help to point you in a good direction for more resources, just let me know! -Terri


Watch for the upcoming Women in Business Profiles, coming soon!!-Terri