Women in Business Profile: Zlatka Harper-Zizi’s Treats

Women in Business Profile: Zlatka Harper-Zizi’s Treats

Women in Business Profile: Zlatka Harper-Zizi’s Treats

I met this talented chef-in-training online, before she and her family made their move to DeRidder. I have been so excited, and so proud to watch her talent shine, and her business grow. -Terri

Zlatka was born and raised in Bulgaria, and went to study in Germany when she was 24.  That is where she met her husband, who has served in the United States Army for the past 16 years.
Zlatka’s talents in cooking and baking were partially self-taught, and she has taken many online culinary classes. She got her business license to operate Zizi’s Treats in January 2016, and there has been no stopping her since! Her work ethic and dedication to doing the most professional work possible shows in every meal she prepares, and in every cake and treat that she bakes. Her business is growing every day, and she stays booked up weeks in advance.
Zlatka has participated in two baking competitions this year, one on our local military base, Fort Polk, Louisiana, where she was crowned the winner; and she went from there to New Orleans to bake cupcakes for a competition for the Food Network.  The Food Network judges were impressed with her creativity!
She and her husband have two daughters, ages 8 and 3.
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Zlatka’s responses to the Women in Business, Women Helping Women Questionnaire:

How do you best describe your business?

I bake cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and hand painted cookies.

What is the best decision and the worst decision that you ever made about your business?

Best was that I was enough brave to start, worst I was not prepared for my business to be so popular, so fast.

What was the best and worst advice that you received from someone else about your business?

I didn’t get any advice at all,  I just started the business.

What was the catalyst that led you to start your business when you did?

My husband is the reason why I started, he was a very positive influence. He had confidence in me, and knew that I would have my own business one day.

What was the hardest part about actually opening your business?

For people to get to know me. I had  just moved from Washington, and I knew only a few people in Louisiana.

What do you wish you had known before starting your business?

How to advertise better.

What is your best advice for someone considering opening her own business?

Believe in yourself, and in your skills.

Did you have a mentor, or a woman in business who inspired you (at any age)?

My idol is Lizzo zzo Marek, one of the best cake decorators in the world.

What skills do you think it takes to be successful as a woman in business?

A lot of patience!

What has been your proudest business moment?

My biggest wedding cake, in May, 2017.

What are your plans for the future with your business?

To open a commercial kitchen, and have a walk-in bakery location.

Do you have any recommended resources for women considering going into business?

Buying books, and studying from the best in your industry.

What do you think has helped the most with the success of your business?

My happy costumers, who recommend me all of the time.

Do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with other Female Entrepreneurs?

Come under people, such as in an apprenticeship, learn from them. Learn to advertise yourself, be honest, and don’t replace quantity with quality of your work!!!

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