Women in Business: Success & Sharing

Women in Business: Success & Sharing


I LOVE being a woman in business, and I LOVE helping other women in business.

My goal is to interview successful female entrepreneurs and have them share their knowledge and experience with our readers.

As a female business owner of over two decades, I will share my triumphs, failures and life lessons with you here, too. I will base most of my blog entries on questions that I receive from readers, so send them to me, and if I do not have the answers, I will find another business-minded lady who does!

Most of my knowledge, as far as opening a business will follow Louisiana laws and policies. The online portion of growing our businesses, I will share it as I continue to experience it.

Specific to my industries, I am providing links to our You Tube training videos for coffee shops, and will have training videos available for Traditional Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Practitioners who are interested in learning more about conducting Consultations, gaining Lab partners, and specific sessions, such as EFT, Iridology, and staying within our legal boundaries when making recommendations for  Lifestyle Modifications (what we are allowed to call our recommendations in Louisiana) dietary supplements, meal plans, etc.

If you would like to be notified when new Women In Business content and tutorials are made available, or have a question that you would like answered, send an email to terri@gethealthylouisiana.org with Women In Business as the subject. -Terri