About Us

When it comes to buying a healthy product, we all want to make the right choice.

But faced with the multitude of models on the market, the different brands, the marketing arguments and the complex technical characteristics, making a good purchase is a real obstacle course.

This is why we created Get Healthy.

Our mission: to help you find the best healthy products!

Since 2018, our specialized editors analyze and compare hundreds of products every day to find the best of the moment. Our work has also been mentioned by Echo, La Libre Belgique, l’ADN and has been the subject of several press articles.

And why not you ?

How do we work? (FAQ)

Is your advice really unbiased?

Impartiality is the most important value of our company. None of our articles are sponsored, and we never agree to promote one brand over another for remuneration. Our writers aim to find the best products on the market, regardless of brand. For us, it is essential to be impartial and independent in our recommendations. It is on these values ​​that we want to establish a relationship of trust with our readers.

How do you make money?

On Get Healthy, there is no advertising or sponsored article. Of course, like any business, we need to earn money in order to pay ourselves and continue to offer you free content. In order to remunerate ourselves, we use a system called affiliation.

The principle is quite simple: when you click on a link to an e-commerce and that you make a purchase, we receive, in most cases, a small commission from the e-commerce. This method allows us to helps generate revenue without encouraging us to recommend one brand over another. Indeed, the commission percentage is the same regardless of the brand.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we make it a point of honor to only work with reliable merchants such as Amazon, Boulanger, Fnac, Decathlon, CDiscount or Sephora. So, if you appreciate our content and want to encourage our activity, do not hesitate to use the links on Get Healthy to make your purchases.

How do you choose the best products?

For each article, our editors spend several hours researching, analyzing and comparing products. Based on reliable sources, product data sheets, but also expert opinions and tests, their mission is to find those who offer the best quality / price ratio.

Each product is analyzed according to precise selection criteria, which we point out in the section “How did we make our choice?” of the article. Our goal is not to recommend the products with the most functionality, nor the latest releases that have not yet been proven. Our goal is to help you find the best products, the ones that offer the best value for money and are safe values.

As the market is rapidly changing, our selections are kept up to date and regularly reassessed. PS: Note that our selections are intended for “all audiences”. If you are a specialist in a particular area, our selection and analysis may seem too classic to you. We fully understand that.

Do you test the products you select?

Currently, we do not test all of the products mentioned ourselves. For the moment, we prefer to concentrate on our specialty, which is product selection. Our rigor of research, analysis, comparison and updating makes us experts in this field. However, when we have a real hesitation about the quality of a product, we may sometimes order it in order to test it in a real situation and assess what it is really worth.

Are article writers experts in their field?

Each copywriter is responsible for the product categories they know best and continuously trains themselves to become an expert in their field. Throughout their research, thanks to regular reading of books and specialized documentation and by staying informed of market developments, they quickly acquire the status of expert in their chosen field.